How many places are named Albuquerque?


There are 10 places in the world named Albuquerque!

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There are 10 places called Albuquerque in the world.

Number of places named Albuquerque per country:

There are 6 places named Albuquerque in Brazil.

There is one place named Albuquerque in America.

There is one place named Albuquerque in Philippines.

There is one place named Albuquerque in Mexico.

There is one place named Albuquerque in Angola.

Cities named Albuquerque in Brazil.
Albuquerque - Sao PauloWhere is Albuquerque - Sao Paulo - Brazil?
Albuquerque - Rio de JaneiroWhere is Albuquerque - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil?
Albuquerque - PernambucoWhere is Albuquerque - Pernambuco - Brazil?
Albuquerque - Mato Grosso do SulWhere is Albuquerque - Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil?
Albuquerque - CearaWhere is Albuquerque - Ceara - Brazil?
Albuquerque - AmazonasWhere is Albuquerque - Amazonas - Brazil?

Cities named Albuquerque in America.
Albuquerque - New MexicoWhere is Albuquerque - New Mexico - America?

Cities named Albuquerque in Philippines.
Albuquerque - BoholWhere is Albuquerque - Bohol - Philippines?

Cities named Albuquerque in Mexico.
Albuquerque - ChihuahuaWhere is Albuquerque - Chihuahua - Mexico?

Cities named Albuquerque in Angola.
Albuquerque - HuamboWhere is Albuquerque - Huambo - Angola?

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