How many places are named Palma?


There are 62 places in the world named Palma!

Palma can be found in 22 countries throughout the world.

In some countries the place can be found more than once. For example Mexico, Brazil and Cuba.
Mexico has the highest number of places called Palma, spread accross 15 regions.

The majority of the cities named Palma can be found above the equator.
The northern most place is in the region Viseu in Portugal. The southern most place is in the region Artigas in Uruguay.

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There are 62 places called Palma in the world.

Number of places named Palma per country:

There are 15 places named Palma in Mexico.

There are 8 places named Palma in Brazil.

There are 7 places named Palma in Cuba.

There are 5 places named Palma in Philippines.

There are 4 places named Palma in Costa Rica.

There are 3 places named Palma in Portugal.

There are 2 places named Palma in America.

There are 2 places named Palma in Peru.

There are 2 places named Palma in Haiti.

There are 2 places named Palma in Spain.

There is one place named Palma in Uruguay.

There is one place named Palma in Panama.

There is one place named Palma in Nigeria.

There is one place named Palma in Mozambique.

There is one place named Palma in Mauritius.

There is one place named Palma in Northern Mariana Islands.

There is one place named Palma in India.

There is one place named Palma in Guatemala.

There is one place named Palma in Ecuador.

There is one place named Palma in Colombia.

There is one place named Palma in Australia.

There is one place named Palma in Argentina.

Cities named Palma in Mexico.
Palma - ZacatecasWhere is Palma - Zacatecas - Mexico?
Palma - Veracruz-LlaveWhere is Palma - Veracruz-Llave - Mexico?
Palma - TamaulipasWhere is Palma - Tamaulipas - Mexico?
Palma - TabascoWhere is Palma - Tabasco - Mexico?
Palma - SonoraWhere is Palma - Sonora - Mexico?
Palma - SinaloaWhere is Palma - Sinaloa - Mexico?
Palma - San Luis PotosiWhere is Palma - San Luis Potosi - Mexico?
Palma - Queretaro de ArteagaWhere is Palma - Queretaro de Arteaga - Mexico?
Palma - OaxacaWhere is Palma - Oaxaca - Mexico?
Palma - Nuevo LeonWhere is Palma - Nuevo Leon - Mexico?
Palma - JaliscoWhere is Palma - Jalisco - Mexico?
Palma - HidalgoWhere is Palma - Hidalgo - Mexico?
Palma - GuerreroWhere is Palma - Guerrero - Mexico?
Palma - GuanajuatoWhere is Palma - Guanajuato - Mexico?
Palma - DurangoWhere is Palma - Durango - Mexico?

Cities named Palma in Brazil.
Palma - TocantinsWhere is Palma - Tocantins - Brazil?
Palma - Sao PauloWhere is Palma - Sao Paulo - Brazil?
Palma - Rio Grande do SulWhere is Palma - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil?
Palma - Rio Grande do NorteWhere is Palma - Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil?
Palma - Minas GeraisWhere is Palma - Minas Gerais - Brazil?
Palma - CearaWhere is Palma - Ceara - Brazil?
Palma - BahiaWhere is Palma - Bahia - Brazil?
Palma - AlagoasWhere is Palma - Alagoas - Brazil?

Cities named Palma in Cuba.
Palma - Villa ClaraWhere is Palma - Villa Clara - Cuba?
Palma - MatanzasWhere is Palma - Matanzas - Cuba?
Palma - La HabanaWhere is Palma - La Habana - Cuba?
Palma - HolguinWhere is Palma - Holguin - Cuba?
Palma - GuantanamoWhere is Palma - Guantanamo - Cuba?
Palma - Ciego de AvilaWhere is Palma - Ciego de Avila - Cuba?
Palma - CamagueyWhere is Palma - Camaguey - Cuba?

Cities named Palma in Philippines.
Palma - PangasinanWhere is Palma - Pangasinan - Philippines?
Palma - Negros OccidentalWhere is Palma - Negros Occidental - Philippines?
Palma - LagunaWhere is Palma - Laguna - Philippines?
Palma - BukidnonWhere is Palma - Bukidnon - Philippines?
Palma - AntiqueWhere is Palma - Antique - Philippines?

Cities named Palma in Costa Rica.
Palma - San JoseWhere is Palma - San Jose - Costa Rica?
Palma - PuntarenasWhere is Palma - Puntarenas - Costa Rica?
Palma - GuanacasteWhere is Palma - Guanacaste - Costa Rica?
Palma - AlajuelaWhere is Palma - Alajuela - Costa Rica?

Cities named Palma in Portugal.
Palma - ViseuWhere is Palma - Viseu - Portugal?
Palma - SetubalWhere is Palma - Setubal - Portugal?
Palma - PortalegreWhere is Palma - Portalegre - Portugal?

Cities named Palma in America.
Palma - New MexicoWhere is Palma - New Mexico - America?
Palma - KentuckyWhere is Palma - Kentucky - America?

Cities named Palma in Peru.
Palma - San MartinWhere is Palma - San Martin - Peru?
Palma - IcaWhere is Palma - Ica - Peru?

Cities named Palma in Haiti.
Palma - OuestWhere is Palma - Ouest - Haiti?
Palma - CentreWhere is Palma - Centre - Haiti?

Cities named Palma in Spain.
Palma - MurciaWhere is Palma - Murcia - Spain?
Palma - Islas BalearesWhere is Palma - Islas Baleares - Spain?

Cities named Palma in Uruguay.
Palma - ArtigasWhere is Palma - Artigas - Uruguay?

Cities named Palma in Panama.
Palma - ChiriquiWhere is Palma - Chiriqui - Panama?

Cities named Palma in Nigeria.
Palma - BornoWhere is Palma - Borno - Nigeria?

Cities named Palma in Mozambique.
Palma - Cabo DelgadoWhere is Palma - Cabo Delgado - Mozambique?

Cities named Palma in Mauritius.
Palma - Plaines WilhemsWhere is Palma - Plaines Wilhems - Mauritius?

Cities named Palma in Northern Mariana Islands.
Palma - MPWhere is Palma - MP - Northern Mariana Islands?

Cities named Palma in India.
Palma - ChhattisgarhWhere is Palma - Chhattisgarh - India?

Cities named Palma in Guatemala.
Palma - El ProgresoWhere is Palma - El Progreso - Guatemala?

Cities named Palma in Ecuador.
Palma - EsmeraldasWhere is Palma - Esmeraldas - Ecuador?

Cities named Palma in Colombia.
Palma - CundinamarcaWhere is Palma - Cundinamarca - Colombia?

Cities named Palma in Australia.
Palma - QueenslandWhere is Palma - Queensland - Australia?

Cities named Palma in Argentina.
Palma - JujuyWhere is Palma - Jujuy - Argentina?

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