How many places are named Ohio?


There are 10 places in the world named Ohio!

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There are 10 places called Ohio in the world.

Number of places named Ohio per country:

There are 6 places named Ohio in America.

There is one place named Ohio in Chad.

There is one place named Ohio in Philippines.

There is one place named Ohio in Nigeria.

There is one place named Ohio in Australia.

Cities named Ohio in America.
Ohio - TexasWhere is Ohio - Texas - America?
Ohio - New YorkWhere is Ohio - New York - America?
Ohio - MissouriWhere is Ohio - Missouri - America?
Ohio - IllinoisWhere is Ohio - Illinois - America?
Ohio - GeorgiaWhere is Ohio - Georgia - America?
Ohio - ColoradoWhere is Ohio - Colorado - America?

Cities named Ohio in Chad.
Ohio - GueraWhere is Ohio - Guera - Chad?

Cities named Ohio in Philippines.
Ohio - Northern SamarWhere is Ohio - Northern Samar - Philippines?

Cities named Ohio in Nigeria.
Ohio - BenueWhere is Ohio - Benue - Nigeria?

Cities named Ohio in Australia.
Ohio - New South WalesWhere is Ohio - New South Wales - Australia?

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