How many places are named Northgate?


There are 9 places in the world named Northgate!

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There are 9 places called Northgate in the world.

Number of places named Northgate per country:

There are 6 places named Northgate in America.

There is one place named Northgate in Zimbabwe.

There is one place named Northgate in Canada.

There is one place named Northgate in Australia.

Cities named Northgate in America.
Northgate - South CarolinaWhere is Northgate - South Carolina - America?
Northgate - OhioWhere is Northgate - Ohio - America?
Northgate - North DakotaWhere is Northgate - North Dakota - America?
Northgate - MarylandWhere is Northgate - Maryland - America?
Northgate - LouisianaWhere is Northgate - Louisiana - America?
Northgate - ColoradoWhere is Northgate - Colorado - America?

Cities named Northgate in Zimbabwe.
Northgate - Matabeleland NorthWhere is Northgate - Matabeleland North - Zimbabwe?

Cities named Northgate in Canada.
Northgate - SaskatchewanWhere is Northgate - Saskatchewan - Canada?

Cities named Northgate in Australia.
Northgate - QueenslandWhere is Northgate - Queensland - Australia?

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