How many places are named Natividad?


There are 24 places in the world named Natividad!

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There are 24 places called Natividad in the world.

Number of places named Natividad per country:

There are 10 places named Natividad in Philippines.

There are 3 places named Natividad in Mexico.

There are 3 places named Natividad in Bolivia.

There are 2 places named Natividad in El Salvador.

There are 2 places named Natividad in Cuba.

There is one place named Natividad in America.

There is one place named Natividad in Peru.

There is one place named Natividad in Guatemala.

There is one place named Natividad in Colombia.

Cities named Natividad in Philippines.
Natividad - ZambalesWhere is Natividad - Zambales - Philippines?
Natividad - PangasinanWhere is Natividad - Pangasinan - Philippines?
Natividad - PampangaWhere is Natividad - Pampanga - Philippines?
Natividad - Nueva EcijaWhere is Natividad - Nueva Ecija - Philippines?
Natividad - LagunaWhere is Natividad - Laguna - Philippines?
Natividad - IloiloWhere is Natividad - Iloilo - Philippines?
Natividad - CapizWhere is Natividad - Capiz - Philippines?
Natividad - CalbayogWhere is Natividad - Calbayog - Philippines?
Natividad - AntiqueWhere is Natividad - Antique - Philippines?
Natividad - Agusan del SurWhere is Natividad - Agusan del Sur - Philippines?

Cities named Natividad in Mexico.
Natividad - OaxacaWhere is Natividad - Oaxaca - Mexico?
Natividad - ChihuahuaWhere is Natividad - Chihuahua - Mexico?
Natividad - Baja California SurWhere is Natividad - Baja California Sur - Mexico?

Cities named Natividad in Bolivia.
Natividad - Santa CruzWhere is Natividad - Santa Cruz - Bolivia?
Natividad - PandoWhere is Natividad - Pando - Bolivia?
Natividad - El BeniWhere is Natividad - El Beni - Bolivia?

Cities named Natividad in El Salvador.
Natividad - Santa AnaWhere is Natividad - Santa Ana - El Salvador?
Natividad - San SalvadorWhere is Natividad - San Salvador - El Salvador?

Cities named Natividad in Cuba.
Natividad - Sancti SpiritusWhere is Natividad - Sancti Spiritus - Cuba?
Natividad - Ciego de AvilaWhere is Natividad - Ciego de Avila - Cuba?

Cities named Natividad in America.
Natividad - CaliforniaWhere is Natividad - California - America?

Cities named Natividad in Peru.
Natividad - ApurimacWhere is Natividad - Apurimac - Peru?

Cities named Natividad in Guatemala.
Natividad - JalapaWhere is Natividad - Jalapa - Guatemala?

Cities named Natividad in Colombia.
Natividad - MagdalenaWhere is Natividad - Magdalena - Colombia?

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