How many places are named Marco?


There are 24 places in the world named Marco!

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There are 24 places called Marco in the world.

Number of places named Marco per country:

There are 5 places named Marco in America.

There are 5 places named Marco in Peru.

There are 4 places named Marco in Portugal.

There are 3 places named Marco in Brazil.

There are 2 places named Marco in Ecuador.

There is one place named Marco in Philippines.

There is one place named Marco in Panama.

There is one place named Marco in Mozambique.

There is one place named Marco in Italy.

There is one place named Marco in Angola.

Cities named Marco in America.
Marco - TexasWhere is Marco - Texas - America?
Marco - MissouriWhere is Marco - Missouri - America?
Marco - LouisianaWhere is Marco - Louisiana - America?
Marco - IndianaWhere is Marco - Indiana - America?
Marco - FloridaWhere is Marco - Florida - America?

Cities named Marco in Peru.
Marco - LimaWhere is Marco - Lima - Peru?
Marco - JuninWhere is Marco - Junin - Peru?
Marco - IcaWhere is Marco - Ica - Peru?
Marco - ArequipaWhere is Marco - Arequipa - Peru?
Marco - AncashWhere is Marco - Ancash - Peru?

Cities named Marco in Portugal.
Marco - Viana do CasteloWhere is Marco - Viana do Castelo - Portugal?
Marco - PortalegreWhere is Marco - Portalegre - Portugal?
Marco - FaroWhere is Marco - Faro - Portugal?
Marco - CoimbraWhere is Marco - Coimbra - Portugal?

Cities named Marco in Brazil.
Marco - PiauiWhere is Marco - Piaui - Brazil?
Marco - MaranhaoWhere is Marco - Maranhao - Brazil?
Marco - CearaWhere is Marco - Ceara - Brazil?

Cities named Marco in Ecuador.
Marco - GuayasWhere is Marco - Guayas - Ecuador?
Marco - AzuayWhere is Marco - Azuay - Ecuador?

Cities named Marco in Philippines.
Marco - CagayanWhere is Marco - Cagayan - Philippines?

Cities named Marco in Panama.
Marco - VeraguasWhere is Marco - Veraguas - Panama?

Cities named Marco in Mozambique.
Marco - NampulaWhere is Marco - Nampula - Mozambique?

Cities named Marco in Italy.
Marco - Trentino-Alto AdigeWhere is Marco - Trentino-Alto Adige - Italy?

Cities named Marco in Angola.
Marco - MalanjeWhere is Marco - Malanje - Angola?

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