How many places are named Jere?


There are 14 places in the world named Jere!

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There are 14 places called Jere in the world.

Number of places named Jere per country:

There are 5 places named Jere in Nigeria.

There are 3 places named Jere in Malawi.

There are 2 places named Jere in Indonesia.

There is one place named Jere in Zambia.

There is one place named Jere in America.

There is one place named Jere in Niger.

There is one place named Jere in Ethiopia.

Cities named Jere in Nigeria.
Jere - PlateauWhere is Jere - Plateau - Nigeria?
Jere - OgunWhere is Jere - Ogun - Nigeria?
Jere - NigerWhere is Jere - Niger - Nigeria?
Jere - KatsinaWhere is Jere - Katsina - Nigeria?
Jere - AdamawaWhere is Jere - Adamawa - Nigeria?

Cities named Jere in Malawi.
Jere - NtchisiWhere is Jere - Ntchisi - Malawi?
Jere - KasunguWhere is Jere - Kasungu - Malawi?
Jere - DedzaWhere is Jere - Dedza - Malawi?

Cities named Jere in Indonesia.
Jere - Nusa Tenggara TimurWhere is Jere - Nusa Tenggara Timur - Indonesia?
Jere - Maluku UtaraWhere is Jere - Maluku Utara - Indonesia?

Cities named Jere in Zambia.
Jere - North-WesternWhere is Jere - North-Western - Zambia?

Cities named Jere in America.
Jere - West VirginiaWhere is Jere - West Virginia - America?

Cities named Jere in Niger.
Jéré - ZinderWhere is Jéré - Zinder - Niger?

Cities named Jere in Ethiopia.
Jere - OromiyaWhere is Jere - Oromiya - Ethiopia?

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