How many places are named Halifax?


There are 14 places in the world named Halifax!

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There are 14 places called Halifax in the world.

Number of places named Halifax per country:

There are 8 places named Halifax in America.

There are 2 places named Halifax in Jamaica.

There is one place named Halifax in South Africa.

There is one place named Halifax in United Kingdom.

There is one place named Halifax in Canada.

There is one place named Halifax in Australia.

Cities named Halifax in America.
Halifax - VirginiaWhere is Halifax - Virginia - America?
Halifax - VermontWhere is Halifax - Vermont - America?
Halifax - PennsylvaniaWhere is Halifax - Pennsylvania - America?
Halifax - North CarolinaWhere is Halifax - North Carolina - America?
Halifax - MissouriWhere is Halifax - Missouri - America?
Halifax - MassachusettsWhere is Halifax - Massachusetts - America?
Halifax - KentuckyWhere is Halifax - Kentucky - America?
Halifax - GeorgiaWhere is Halifax - Georgia - America?

Cities named Halifax in Jamaica.
Halifax - Saint MaryWhere is Halifax - Saint Mary - Jamaica?
Halifax - ManchesterWhere is Halifax - Manchester - Jamaica?

Cities named Halifax in South Africa.
Halifax - North-WestWhere is Halifax - North-West - South Africa?

Cities named Halifax in United Kingdom.
Halifax - CalderdaleWhere is Halifax - Calderdale - United Kingdom (England)?

Cities named Halifax in Canada.
Halifax - Nova ScotiaWhere is Halifax - Nova Scotia - Canada?

Cities named Halifax in Australia.
Halifax - QueenslandWhere is Halifax - Queensland - Australia?

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