How many places are named Gloria?


There are 38 places in the world named Gloria!

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There are 38 places called Gloria in the world.

Number of places named Gloria per country:

There are 9 places named Gloria in Brazil.

There are 6 places named Gloria in Mexico.

There are 4 places named Gloria in Costa Rica.

There are 3 places named Gloria in Portugal.

There are 3 places named Gloria in Cuba.

There are 2 places named Gloria in Ecuador.

There are 2 places named Gloria in Colombia.

There are 2 places named Gloria in Bolivia.

There is one place named Gloria in South Africa.

There is one place named Gloria in America.

There is one place named Gloria in Suriname.

There is one place named Gloria in Philippines.

There is one place named Gloria in Hungary.

There is one place named Gloria in Honduras.

There is one place named Gloria in Angola.

Cities named Gloria in Brazil.
Glória - Rio Grande do SulWhere is Glória - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil?
Glória - Rio de JaneiroWhere is Glória - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil?
Glória - ParanaWhere is Glória - Parana - Brazil?
Gloria - Minas GeraisWhere is Gloria - Minas Gerais - Brazil?
Glória - Mato Grosso do SulWhere is Glória - Mato Grosso do Sul - Brazil?
Glória - MaranhaoWhere is Glória - Maranhao - Brazil?
Glória - Espirito SantoWhere is Glória - Espirito Santo - Brazil?
Glória - BahiaWhere is Glória - Bahia - Brazil?
Glória - AcreWhere is Glória - Acre - Brazil?

Cities named Gloria in Mexico.
Gloria - TamaulipasWhere is Gloria - Tamaulipas - Mexico?
Gloria - TabascoWhere is Gloria - Tabasco - Mexico?
Gloria - OaxacaWhere is Gloria - Oaxaca - Mexico?
Gloria - Nuevo LeonWhere is Gloria - Nuevo Leon - Mexico?
Gloria - Coahuila de ZaragozaWhere is Gloria - Coahuila de Zaragoza - Mexico?
Gloria - ChihuahuaWhere is Gloria - Chihuahua - Mexico?

Cities named Gloria in Costa Rica.
Gloria - San JoseWhere is Gloria - San Jose - Costa Rica?
Gloria - PuntarenasWhere is Gloria - Puntarenas - Costa Rica?
Gloria - CartagoWhere is Gloria - Cartago - Costa Rica?
Gloria - AlajuelaWhere is Gloria - Alajuela - Costa Rica?

Cities named Gloria in Portugal.
Glória - SantaremWhere is Glória - Santarem - Portugal?
Glória - EvoraWhere is Glória - Evora - Portugal?
Glória - AzoresWhere is Glória - Azores - Portugal?

Cities named Gloria in Cuba.
Gloria - Santiago de CubaWhere is Gloria - Santiago de Cuba - Cuba?
Gloria - GranmaWhere is Gloria - Granma - Cuba?
Gloria - Ciego de AvilaWhere is Gloria - Ciego de Avila - Cuba?

Cities named Gloria in Ecuador.
Gloria - GuayasWhere is Gloria - Guayas - Ecuador?
Gloria - EsmeraldasWhere is Gloria - Esmeraldas - Ecuador?

Cities named Gloria in Colombia.
Gloria - MagdalenaWhere is Gloria - Magdalena - Colombia?
Gloria - AntioquiaWhere is Gloria - Antioquia - Colombia?

Cities named Gloria in Bolivia.
Gloria - Santa CruzWhere is Gloria - Santa Cruz - Bolivia?
Gloria - PotosiWhere is Gloria - Potosi - Bolivia?

Cities named Gloria in South Africa.
Gloria - Eastern CapeWhere is Gloria - Eastern Cape - South Africa?

Cities named Gloria in America.
Gloria - LouisianaWhere is Gloria - Louisiana - America?

Cities named Gloria in Suriname.
Gloria - NickerieWhere is Gloria - Nickerie - Suriname?

Cities named Gloria in Philippines.
Gloria - Mindoro OrientalWhere is Gloria - Mindoro Oriental - Philippines?

Cities named Gloria in Hungary.
Gloria - PestWhere is Gloria - Pest - Hungary?

Cities named Gloria in Honduras.
Gloria - El ParaisoWhere is Gloria - El Paraiso - Honduras?

Cities named Gloria in Angola.
Glória - BenguelaWhere is Glória - Benguela - Angola?

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