How many places are named Garita?


There are 17 places in the world named Garita!

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There are 17 places called Garita in the world.

Number of places named Garita per country:

There are 5 places named Garita in Peru.

There are 3 places named Garita in Philippines.

There are 3 places named Garita in Mexico.

There are 2 places named Garita in Costa Rica.

There is one place named Garita in America.

There is one place named Garita in Nicaragua.

There is one place named Garita in Colombia.

There is one place named Garita in Bolivia.

Cities named Garita in Peru.
Garita - PunoWhere is Garita - Puno - Peru?
Garita - PiuraWhere is Garita - Piura - Peru?
Garita - LimaWhere is Garita - Lima - Peru?
Garita - La LibertadWhere is Garita - La Libertad - Peru?
Garita - JuninWhere is Garita - Junin - Peru?

Cities named Garita in Philippines.
Garita - PangasinanWhere is Garita - Pangasinan - Philippines?
Garita - IsabelaWhere is Garita - Isabela - Philippines?
Garita - IloiloWhere is Garita - Iloilo - Philippines?

Cities named Garita in Mexico.
Garita - OaxacaWhere is Garita - Oaxaca - Mexico?
Garita - Michoacan de OcampoWhere is Garita - Michoacan de Ocampo - Mexico?
Garita - GuerreroWhere is Garita - Guerrero - Mexico?

Cities named Garita in Costa Rica.
Garita - GuanacasteWhere is Garita - Guanacaste - Costa Rica?
Garita - AlajuelaWhere is Garita - Alajuela - Costa Rica?

Cities named Garita in America.
Garita - USWhere is Garita - US - America?

Cities named Garita in Nicaragua.
Garita - MatagalpaWhere is Garita - Matagalpa - Nicaragua?

Cities named Garita in Colombia.
Garita - Norte de SantanderWhere is Garita - Norte de Santander - Colombia?

Cities named Garita in Bolivia.
Garita - PotosiWhere is Garita - Potosi - Bolivia?

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