How many places are named Cato?


There are 17 places in the world named Cato!

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There are 17 places called Cato in the world.

Number of places named Cato per country:

There are 9 places named Cato in America.

There are 2 places named Cato in Philippines.

There is one place named Cato in Indonesia.

There is one place named Cato in Haiti.

There is one place named Cato in Ethiopia.

There is one place named Cato in Chile.

There is one place named Cato in Bolivia.

There is one place named Cato in Angola.

Cities named Cato in America.
Cato - WisconsinWhere is Cato - Wisconsin - America?
Cato - TennesseeWhere is Cato - Tennessee - America?
Cato - OklahomaWhere is Cato - Oklahoma - America?
Cato - New YorkWhere is Cato - New York - America?
Cato - MissouriWhere is Cato - Missouri - America?
Cato - MississippiWhere is Cato - Mississippi - America?
Cato - KansasWhere is Cato - Kansas - America?
Cato - IndianaWhere is Cato - Indiana - America?
Cato - ArkansasWhere is Cato - Arkansas - America?

Cities named Cato in Philippines.
Cato - PangasinanWhere is Cato - Pangasinan - Philippines?
Cato - CagayanWhere is Cato - Cagayan - Philippines?

Cities named Cato in Indonesia.
Cato - Jawa BaratWhere is Cato - Jawa Barat - Indonesia?

Cities named Cato in Haiti.
Cato - OuestWhere is Cato - Ouest - Haiti?

Cities named Cato in Ethiopia.
Cato - TigrayWhere is Cato - Tigray - Ethiopia?

Cities named Cato in Chile.
Cato - Bio-BioWhere is Cato - Bio-Bio - Chile?

Cities named Cato in Bolivia.
Cato - PotosiWhere is Cato - Potosi - Bolivia?

Cities named Cato in Angola.
Catô - MoxicoWhere is Catô - Moxico - Angola?

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