How many places are named Califórnia?


There are 65 places in the world named Califórnia!

Califórnia can be found in 19 countries throughout the world.

In some countries the place can be found more than once. For example Colombia, Mexico and America.
Colombia has the highest number of places called Califórnia, spread accross 14 regions.

The majority of the cities named Califórnia can be found above the equator.
The northern most place is in the region Maine in America. The southern most place is in the region Los Lagos in Chile.

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There are 65 places called Califórnia in the world.

Number of places named Califórnia per country:

There are 14 places named Califórnia in Colombia.

There are 11 places named Califórnia in Mexico.

There are 10 places named Califórnia in America.

There are 9 places named Califórnia in Brazil.

There are 3 places named Califórnia in Panama.

There are 3 places named Califórnia in Chile.

There are 2 places named Califórnia in Philippines.

There are 2 places named Califórnia in Cuba.

There is one place named Califórnia in Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of.

There is one place named Califórnia in Trinidad and Tobago.

There is one place named Califórnia in El Salvador.

There is one place named Califórnia in Peru.

There is one place named Califórnia in Nicaragua.

There is one place named Califórnia in Jamaica.

There is one place named Califórnia in Honduras.

There is one place named Califórnia in Guinea-Bissau.

There is one place named Califórnia in Guatemala.

There is one place named Califórnia in Costa Rica.

There is one place named Califórnia in Bolivia.

Cities named Califórnia in Colombia.
California - TolimaWhere is California - Tolima - Colombia?
California - SucreWhere is California - Sucre - Colombia?
California - SantanderWhere is California - Santander - Colombia?
California - QuindioWhere is California - Quindio - Colombia?
California - MetaWhere is California - Meta - Colombia?
California - MagdalenaWhere is California - Magdalena - Colombia?
California - CundinamarcaWhere is California - Cundinamarca - Colombia?
California - CordobaWhere is California - Cordoba - Colombia?
California - CesarWhere is California - Cesar - Colombia?
California - CaucaWhere is California - Cauca - Colombia?
California - CasanareWhere is California - Casanare - Colombia?
California - CaldasWhere is California - Caldas - Colombia?
California - AtlanticoWhere is California - Atlantico - Colombia?
California - AraucaWhere is California - Arauca - Colombia?

Cities named Califórnia in Mexico.
California - TabascoWhere is California - Tabasco - Mexico?
California - SonoraWhere is California - Sonora - Mexico?
California - SinaloaWhere is California - Sinaloa - Mexico?
California - Quintana RooWhere is California - Quintana Roo - Mexico?
California - OaxacaWhere is California - Oaxaca - Mexico?
California - Nuevo LeonWhere is California - Nuevo Leon - Mexico?
California - Michoacan de OcampoWhere is California - Michoacan de Ocampo - Mexico?
California - GuanajuatoWhere is California - Guanajuato - Mexico?
California - DurangoWhere is California - Durango - Mexico?
California - Coahuila de ZaragozaWhere is California - Coahuila de Zaragoza - Mexico?
California - AguascalientesWhere is California - Aguascalientes - Mexico?

Cities named Califórnia in America.
California - VirginiaWhere is California - Virginia - America?
California - PennsylvaniaWhere is California - Pennsylvania - America?
California - OhioWhere is California - Ohio - America?
California - North CarolinaWhere is California - North Carolina - America?
California - MissouriWhere is California - Missouri - America?
California - MichiganWhere is California - Michigan - America?
California - MarylandWhere is California - Maryland - America?
California - MaineWhere is California - Maine - America?
California - KentuckyWhere is California - Kentucky - America?
California - GeorgiaWhere is California - Georgia - America?

Cities named Califórnia in Brazil.
Califórnia - Sao PauloWhere is Califórnia - Sao Paulo - Brazil?
Califórnia - Rio Grande do NorteWhere is Califórnia - Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil?
Califórnia - Rio de JaneiroWhere is Califórnia - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil?
Califórnia - ParanaWhere is Califórnia - Parana - Brazil?
California - ParaibaWhere is California - Paraiba - Brazil?
Califórnia - MaranhaoWhere is Califórnia - Maranhao - Brazil?
Califórnia - Espirito SantoWhere is Califórnia - Espirito Santo - Brazil?
California - CearaWhere is California - Ceara - Brazil?
Califórnia - BahiaWhere is Califórnia - Bahia - Brazil?

Cities named Califórnia in Panama.
California - VeraguasWhere is California - Veraguas - Panama?
California - Los SantosWhere is California - Los Santos - Panama?
California - Bocas del ToroWhere is California - Bocas del Toro - Panama?

Cities named Califórnia in Chile.
California - Los LagosWhere is California - Los Lagos - Chile?
California - Libertador General Bernardo O'HigginsWhere is California - Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins - Chile?
California - AntofagastaWhere is California - Antofagasta - Chile?

Cities named Califórnia in Philippines.
California - IloiloWhere is California - Iloilo - Philippines?
California - BoholWhere is California - Bohol - Philippines?

Cities named Califórnia in Cuba.
California - Ciudad de la HabanaWhere is California - Ciudad de la Habana - Cuba?
California - CamagueyWhere is California - Camaguey - Cuba?

Cities named Califórnia in Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of.
California - BolivarWhere is California - Bolivar - Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of?

Cities named Califórnia in Trinidad and Tobago.
California - CaroniWhere is California - Caroni - Trinidad and Tobago?

Cities named Califórnia in El Salvador.
California - UsulutanWhere is California - Usulutan - El Salvador?

Cities named Califórnia in Peru.
California - LimaWhere is California - Lima - Peru?

Cities named Califórnia in Nicaragua.
California - ManaguaWhere is California - Managua - Nicaragua?

Cities named Califórnia in Jamaica.
California - ManchesterWhere is California - Manchester - Jamaica?

Cities named Califórnia in Honduras.
California - AtlantidaWhere is California - Atlantida - Honduras?

Cities named Califórnia in Guinea-Bissau.
Califórnia - CacheuWhere is Califórnia - Cacheu - Guinea-Bissau?

Cities named Califórnia in Guatemala.
California - JalapaWhere is California - Jalapa - Guatemala?

Cities named Califórnia in Costa Rica.
California - San JoseWhere is California - San Jose - Costa Rica?

Cities named Califórnia in Bolivia.
California - El BeniWhere is California - El Beni - Bolivia?

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