How many places are named Omi?


There are 16 places in the world named Omi!

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There are 16 places called Omi in the world.

Number of places named Omi per country:

There are 6 places named Omi in Japan.

There are 5 places named Omi in South Korea.

There are 3 places named Omi in Nigeria.

There is one place named Omi in America.

There is one place named Omi in Indonesia.

Cities named Omi in Japan.
Omi - ToyamaWhere is Omi - Toyama - Japan?
Omi - NiigataWhere is Omi - Niigata - Japan?
Omi - NagasakiWhere is Omi - Nagasaki - Japan?
Omi - NaganoWhere is Omi - Nagano - Japan?
Omi - KagawaWhere is Omi - Kagawa - Japan?
Omi - ChibaWhere is Omi - Chiba - Japan?

Cities named Omi in South Korea.
Omi - Kyongsang-buktoWhere is Omi - Kyongsang-bukto - South Korea?
Omi - Kyonggi-doWhere is Omi - Kyonggi-do - South Korea?
Omi - Kangwon-doWhere is Omi - Kangwon-do - South Korea?
Omi - Inch'on-jikhalsiWhere is Omi - Inch'on-jikhalsi - South Korea?
Omi - Ch'ungch'ong-namdoWhere is Omi - Ch'ungch'ong-namdo - South Korea?

Cities named Omi in Nigeria.
Omi - OndoWhere is Omi - Ondo - Nigeria?
Omi - EkitiWhere is Omi - Ekiti - Nigeria?
Omi - EdoWhere is Omi - Edo - Nigeria?

Cities named Omi in America.
Omi - New YorkWhere is Omi - New York - America?

Cities named Omi in Indonesia.
Omi - Irian Jaya BaratWhere is Omi - Irian Jaya Barat - Indonesia?

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