How many places are named Mandalay?


There are 9 places in the world named Mandalay!

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There are 9 places called Mandalay in the world.

Number of places named Mandalay per country:

There are 4 places named Mandalay in America.

There are 2 places named Mandalay in Myanmar.

There is one place named Mandalay in South Africa.

There is one place named Mandalay in Colombia.

There is one place named Mandalay in Afghanistan.

Cities named Mandalay in America.
Mandalay - New JerseyWhere is Mandalay - New Jersey - America?
Mandalay - LouisianaWhere is Mandalay - Louisiana - America?
Mandalay - FloridaWhere is Mandalay - Florida - America?
Mandalay - ArkansasWhere is Mandalay - Arkansas - America?

Cities named Mandalay in Myanmar.
Mandalay - TenasserimWhere is Mandalay - Tenasserim - Myanmar?
Mandalay - MandalayWhere is Mandalay - Mandalay - Myanmar?

Cities named Mandalay in South Africa.
Mandalay - Western CapeWhere is Mandalay - Western Cape - South Africa?

Cities named Mandalay in Colombia.
Mandalay - Distrito EspecialWhere is Mandalay - Distrito Especial - Colombia?

Cities named Mandalay in Afghanistan.
Mandalay - KhowstWhere is Mandalay - Khowst - Afghanistan?

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