How many places are named Mandal?


There are 19 places in the world named Mandal!

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There are 19 places called Mandal in the world.

Number of places named Mandal per country:

There are 7 places named Mandal in Mongolia.

There are 4 places named Mandal in India.

There are 2 places named Mandal in Pakistan.

There are 2 places named Mandal in Norway.

There are 2 places named Mandal in Afghanistan.

There is one place named Mandal in America.

There is one place named Mandal in China.

Cities named Mandal in Mongolia.
Mandal - TovWhere is Mandal - Tov - Mongolia?
Mandal - SelengeWhere is Mandal - Selenge - Mongolia?
Mandal - HovsgolWhere is Mandal - Hovsgol - Mongolia?
Mandal - HentiyWhere is Mandal - Hentiy - Mongolia?
Mandal - DundgoviWhere is Mandal - Dundgovi - Mongolia?
Mandal - BulganWhere is Mandal - Bulgan - Mongolia?
Mandal - BayanhongorWhere is Mandal - Bayanhongor - Mongolia?

Cities named Mandal in India.
Mandal - RajasthanWhere is Mandal - Rajasthan - India?
Mandal - MaharashtraWhere is Mandal - Maharashtra - India?
Mandal - Jammu and KashmirWhere is Mandal - Jammu and Kashmir - India?
Mandal - GujaratWhere is Mandal - Gujarat - India?

Cities named Mandal in Pakistan.
Mandal - North-West FrontierWhere is Mandal - North-West Frontier - Pakistan?
Mandal - Azad KashmirWhere is Mandal - Azad Kashmir - Pakistan?

Cities named Mandal in Norway.
Mandal - Vest-AgderWhere is Mandal - Vest-Agder - Norway?
Mandal - RogalandWhere is Mandal - Rogaland - Norway?

Cities named Mandal in Afghanistan.
Mandal - LaghmanWhere is Mandal - Laghman - Afghanistan?
Mandal - HeratWhere is Mandal - Herat - Afghanistan?

Cities named Mandal in America.
Mandal - Virgin IslandsWhere is Mandal - Virgin Islands - America?

Cities named Mandal in China.
Mandal - Nei MongolWhere is Mandal - Nei Mongol - China?

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