How many places are named Mâyer?


There are 9 places in the world named Mâyer!

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There are 9 places called Mâyer in the world.

Number of places named Mâyer per country:

There are 3 places named Mâyer in America.

There are 2 places named Mâyer in Haiti.

There is one place named Mâyer in Turkey.

There is one place named Mâyer in Syria.

There is one place named Mâyer in Greece.

There is one place named Mâyer in Angola.

Cities named Mâyer in America.
Mayer - TexasWhere is Mayer - Texas - America?
Mayer - MinnesotaWhere is Mayer - Minnesota - America?
Mayer - ArizonaWhere is Mayer - Arizona - America?

Cities named Mâyer in Haiti.
Mayer - OuestWhere is Mayer - Ouest - Haiti?
Mayer - Nord-EstWhere is Mayer - Nord-Est - Haiti?

Cities named Mâyer in Turkey.
Mayer - TrabzonWhere is Mayer - Trabzon - Turkey?

Cities named Mâyer in Syria.
Mâyer - HalabWhere is Mâyer - Halab - Syria?

Cities named Mâyer in Greece.
Máyer - KastoriaWhere is Máyer - Kastoria - Greece?

Cities named Mâyer in Angola.
Mayer - BenguelaWhere is Mayer - Benguela - Angola?

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