How many places are named Lloyd?


There are 11 places in the world named Lloyd!

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There are 11 places called Lloyd in the world.

Number of places named Lloyd per country:

There are 6 places named Lloyd in America.

There are 2 places named Lloyd in Italy.

There is one place named Lloyd in Liberia.

There is one place named Lloyd in Spain.

There is one place named Lloyd in Australia.

Cities named Lloyd in America.
Lloyd - OhioWhere is Lloyd - Ohio - America?
Lloyd - New YorkWhere is Lloyd - New York - America?
Lloyd - MontanaWhere is Lloyd - Montana - America?
Lloyd - KentuckyWhere is Lloyd - Kentucky - America?
Lloyd - FloridaWhere is Lloyd - Florida - America?
Lloyd - ArkansasWhere is Lloyd - Arkansas - America?

Cities named Lloyd in Italy.
Lloyd - VenetoWhere is Lloyd - Veneto - Italy?
Lloyd - LazioWhere is Lloyd - Lazio - Italy?

Cities named Lloyd in Liberia.
Lloyd - Grand BassaWhere is Lloyd - Grand Bassa - Liberia?

Cities named Lloyd in Spain.
Lloyd - AndaluciaWhere is Lloyd - Andalucia - Spain?

Cities named Lloyd in Australia.
Lloyd - Northern TerritoryWhere is Lloyd - Northern Territory - Australia?

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