How many places are named Light?


There are 5 places in the world named Light!

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There are 5 places called Light in the world.

Number of places named Light per country:

There are 2 places named Light in America.

There is one place named Light in Malawi.

There is one place named Light in Brazil.

There is one place named Light in Australia.

Cities named Light in America.
Light - North CarolinaWhere is Light - North Carolina - America?
Light - ArkansasWhere is Light - Arkansas - America?

Cities named Light in Malawi.
Light - Nkhata BayWhere is Light - Nkhata Bay - Malawi?

Cities named Light in Brazil.
Light - Sao PauloWhere is Light - Sao Paulo - Brazil?

Cities named Light in Australia.
Light - South AustraliaWhere is Light - South Australia - Australia?

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