How many places are named Kushan?

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There are 16 places in the world named Kushan!

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There are 16 places called Kushan in the world.

Number of places named Kushan per country:

There are 11 places named Kushan in China.

There are 2 places named Kushan in Iran.

There is one place named Kushan in Taiwan.

There is one place named Kushan in Nigeria.

There is one place named Kushan in Kazakhstan.

Cities named Kushan in China.
Kushan - ZhejiangWhere is Kushan - Zhejiang - China?
Kushan - ShanxiWhere is Kushan - Shanxi - China?
Kushan - ShandongWhere is Kushan - Shandong - China?
Kushan - ShaanxiWhere is Kushan - Shaanxi - China?
Kushan - QinghaiWhere is Kushan - Qinghai - China?
Kushan - Nei MongolWhere is Kushan - Nei Mongol - China?
Kushan - LiaoningWhere is Kushan - Liaoning - China?
Kushan - JiangsuWhere is Kushan - Jiangsu - China?
Kushan - HeilongjiangWhere is Kushan - Heilongjiang - China?
Kushan - HebeiWhere is Kushan - Hebei - China?
Kushan - AnhuiWhere is Kushan - Anhui - China?

Cities named Kushan in Iran.
Kushan - Sistan va BaluchestanWhere is Kushan - Sistan va Baluchestan - Iran?
Kushan - FarsWhere is Kushan - Fars - Iran?

Cities named Kushan in Taiwan.
Kushan - T'ai-wanWhere is Kushan - T'ai-wan - Taiwan?

Cities named Kushan in Nigeria.
Kushan - BornoWhere is Kushan - Borno - Nigeria?

Cities named Kushan in Kazakhstan.
Kushan - AtyrauWhere is Kushan - Atyrau - Kazakhstan?

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