How many places are named Kalak?


There are 19 places in the world named Kalak!

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There are 19 places called Kalak in the world.

Number of places named Kalak per country:

There are 10 places named Kalak in Iran.

There are 3 places named Kalak in Afghanistan.

There is one place named Kalak in America.

There is one place named Kalak in Russian Federation.

There is one place named Kalak in Iraq.

There is one place named Kalak in Indonesia.

There is one place named Kalak in Cameroon.

There is one place named Kalak in Azerbaijan.

Cities named Kalak in Iran.
Kalak - TehranWhere is Kalak - Tehran - Iran?
Kalak - Sistan va BaluchestanWhere is Kalak - Sistan va Baluchestan - Iran?
Kalak - MazandaranWhere is Kalak - Mazandaran - Iran?
Kalak - LorestanWhere is Kalak - Lorestan - Iran?
Kalak - IlamWhere is Kalak - Ilam - Iran?
Kalak - GilanWhere is Kalak - Gilan - Iran?
Kalak - FarsWhere is Kalak - Fars - Iran?
Kalak - BushehrWhere is Kalak - Bushehr - Iran?
Kalak - BakhtaranWhere is Kalak - Bakhtaran - Iran?
Kalak - AlborzWhere is Kalak - Alborz - Iran?

Cities named Kalak in Afghanistan.
Kalak - GhazniWhere is Kalak - Ghazni - Afghanistan?
Kalak - BamianWhere is Kalak - Bamian - Afghanistan?
Kalak - BalkhWhere is Kalak - Balkh - Afghanistan?

Cities named Kalak in America.
Kalak - AlaskaWhere is Kalak - Alaska - America?

Cities named Kalak in Russian Federation.
Kalak - North OssetiaWhere is Kalak - North Ossetia - Russian Federation?

Cities named Kalak in Iraq.
Kalak - At Ta'mimWhere is Kalak - At Ta'mim - Iraq?

Cities named Kalak in Indonesia.
Kalak - Jawa TimurWhere is Kalak - Jawa Timur - Indonesia?

Cities named Kalak in Cameroon.
Kalak - Extreme-NordWhere is Kalak - Extreme-Nord - Cameroon?

Cities named Kalak in Azerbaijan.
Kalak - GoranboyWhere is Kalak - Goranboy - Azerbaijan?

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