How many places are named Guinea?


There are 14 places in the world named Guinea!

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There are 14 places called Guinea in the world.

Number of places named Guinea per country:

There are 5 places named Guinea in Colombia.

There are 3 places named Guinea in America.

There are 2 places named Guinea in Spain.

There is one place named Guinea in Senegal.

There is one place named Guinea in Panama.

There is one place named Guinea in Cuba.

There is one place named Guinea in Barbados.

Cities named Guinea in Colombia.
Guinea - Valle del CaucaWhere is Guinea - Valle del Cauca - Colombia?
Guinea - MagdalenaWhere is Guinea - Magdalena - Colombia?
Guinea - HuilaWhere is Guinea - Huila - Colombia?
Guinea - CordobaWhere is Guinea - Cordoba - Colombia?
Guinea - AntioquiaWhere is Guinea - Antioquia - Colombia?

Cities named Guinea in America.
Guinea - VirginiaWhere is Guinea - Virginia - America?
Guinea - North CarolinaWhere is Guinea - North Carolina - America?
Guinea - AlabamaWhere is Guinea - Alabama - America?

Cities named Guinea in Spain.
Guinea - Pais VascoWhere is Guinea - Pais Vasco - Spain?
Guinea - CanariasWhere is Guinea - Canarias - Spain?

Cities named Guinea in Senegal.
Guinéa - ZiguinchorWhere is Guinéa - Ziguinchor - Senegal?

Cities named Guinea in Panama.
Guinea - PanamaWhere is Guinea - Panama - Panama?

Cities named Guinea in Cuba.
Guinea - MatanzasWhere is Guinea - Matanzas - Cuba?

Cities named Guinea in Barbados.
Guinea - Saint JohnWhere is Guinea - Saint John - Barbados?

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