How many places are named Eli?


There are 12 places in the world named Eli!

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There are 12 places called Eli in the world.

Number of places named Eli per country:

There are 5 places named Eli in America.

There are 2 places named Eli in Iran.

There is one place named Eli in Turkey.

There is one place named Eli in Philippines.

There is one place named Eli in Norway.

There is one place named Eli in Indonesia.

There is one place named Eli in China.

Cities named Eli in America.
Eli - West VirginiaWhere is Eli - West Virginia - America?
Eli - TexasWhere is Eli - Texas - America?
Eli - OklahomaWhere is Eli - Oklahoma - America?
Eli - NebraskaWhere is Eli - Nebraska - America?
Eli - KentuckyWhere is Eli - Kentucky - America?

Cities named Eli in Iran.
Eli - KhuzestanWhere is Eli - Khuzestan - Iran?
Eli - ArdabilWhere is Eli - Ardabil - Iran?

Cities named Eli in Turkey.
Eli - HakkariWhere is Eli - Hakkari - Turkey?

Cities named Eli in Philippines.
Eli - Negros OrientalWhere is Eli - Negros Oriental - Philippines?

Cities named Eli in Norway.
Eli - Nord-TrondelagWhere is Eli - Nord-Trondelag - Norway?

Cities named Eli in Indonesia.
Eli - MalukuWhere is Eli - Maluku - Indonesia?

Cities named Eli in China.
Eli - FujianWhere is Eli - Fujian - China?

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