How many places are named Cuba?


There are 45 places in the world named Cuba!

Cuba can be found in 15 countries throughout the world.

In some countries the place can be found more than once. For example America, Colombia and Mexico.
America has the highest number of places called Cuba, spread accross 17 regions.

The majority of the cities named Cuba can be found above the equator.
The northern most place is in the region Friesland in Netherlands. The southern most place is in the region Eastern Cape in South Africa.

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There are 45 places called Cuba in the world.

Number of places named Cuba per country:

There are 17 places named Cuba in America.

There are 8 places named Cuba in Colombia.

There are 4 places named Cuba in Mexico.

There are 2 places named Cuba in Philippines.

There are 2 places named Cuba in Cuba.

There are 2 places named Cuba in Bolivia.

There are 2 places named Cuba in Angola.

There is one place named Cuba in South Africa.

There is one place named Cuba in Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of.

There is one place named Cuba in Turkey.

There is one place named Cuba in Portugal.

There is one place named Cuba in Panama.

There is one place named Cuba in Netherlands.

There is one place named Cuba in Mozambique.

There is one place named Cuba in Eritrea.

Cities named Cuba in America.
Cuba - West VirginiaWhere is Cuba - West Virginia - America?
Cuba - USWhere is Cuba - US - America?
Cuba - TexasWhere is Cuba - Texas - America?
Cuba - TennesseeWhere is Cuba - Tennessee - America?
Cuba - OhioWhere is Cuba - Ohio - America?
Cuba - North DakotaWhere is Cuba - North Dakota - America?
Cuba - New YorkWhere is Cuba - New York - America?
Cuba - New MexicoWhere is Cuba - New Mexico - America?
Cuba - MissouriWhere is Cuba - Missouri - America?
Cuba - MississippiWhere is Cuba - Mississippi - America?
Cuba - LouisianaWhere is Cuba - Louisiana - America?
Cuba - KentuckyWhere is Cuba - Kentucky - America?
Cuba - KansasWhere is Cuba - Kansas - America?
Cuba - IndianaWhere is Cuba - Indiana - America?
Cuba - IllinoisWhere is Cuba - Illinois - America?
Cuba - GeorgiaWhere is Cuba - Georgia - America?
Cuba - AlabamaWhere is Cuba - Alabama - America?

Cities named Cuba in Colombia.
Cuba - RisaraldaWhere is Cuba - Risaralda - Colombia?
Cuba - MagdalenaWhere is Cuba - Magdalena - Colombia?
Cuba - La GuajiraWhere is Cuba - La Guajira - Colombia?
Cuba - CordobaWhere is Cuba - Cordoba - Colombia?
Cuba - CaquetaWhere is Cuba - Caqueta - Colombia?
Cuba - CaldasWhere is Cuba - Caldas - Colombia?
Cuba - AtlanticoWhere is Cuba - Atlantico - Colombia?
Cuba - AntioquiaWhere is Cuba - Antioquia - Colombia?

Cities named Cuba in Mexico.
Cuba - SonoraWhere is Cuba - Sonora - Mexico?
Cuba - DurangoWhere is Cuba - Durango - Mexico?
Cuba - ChihuahuaWhere is Cuba - Chihuahua - Mexico?
Cuba - CampecheWhere is Cuba - Campeche - Mexico?

Cities named Cuba in Philippines.
Cuba - MaguindanaoWhere is Cuba - Maguindanao - Philippines?
Cuba - BenguetWhere is Cuba - Benguet - Philippines?

Cities named Cuba in Cuba.
Cuba - Sancti SpiritusWhere is Cuba - Sancti Spiritus - Cuba?
Cuba - Ciego de AvilaWhere is Cuba - Ciego de Avila - Cuba?

Cities named Cuba in Bolivia.
Cuba - El BeniWhere is Cuba - El Beni - Bolivia?
Cuba - ChuquisacaWhere is Cuba - Chuquisaca - Bolivia?

Cities named Cuba in Angola.
Cuba - Lunda NorteWhere is Cuba - Lunda Norte - Angola?
Cuba - Cuanza NorteWhere is Cuba - Cuanza Norte - Angola?

Cities named Cuba in South Africa.
Cuba - Eastern CapeWhere is Cuba - Eastern Cape - South Africa?

Cities named Cuba in Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of.
Cuba - TrujilloWhere is Cuba - Trujillo - Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of?

Cities named Cuba in Turkey.
Cuba - GaziantepWhere is Cuba - Gaziantep - Turkey?

Cities named Cuba in Portugal.
Cuba - BejaWhere is Cuba - Beja - Portugal?

Cities named Cuba in Panama.
Cuba - San BlasWhere is Cuba - San Blas - Panama?

Cities named Cuba in Netherlands.
Cuba - FrieslandWhere is Cuba - Friesland - Netherlands?

Cities named Cuba in Mozambique.
Cuba - MaputoWhere is Cuba - Maputo - Mozambique?

Cities named Cuba in Eritrea.
Cuba - ERWhere is Cuba - ER - Eritrea?

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