How many places are named Cortez?


There are 10 places in the world named Cortez!

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There are 10 places called Cortez in the world.

Number of places named Cortez per country:

There are 5 places named Cortez in America.

There are 2 places named Cortez in Bolivia.

There is one place named Cortez in Philippines.

There is one place named Cortez in Honduras.

There is one place named Cortez in Brazil.

Cities named Cortez in America.
Cortez - PennsylvaniaWhere is Cortez - Pennsylvania - America?
Cortez - NevadaWhere is Cortez - Nevada - America?
Cortez - FloridaWhere is Cortez - Florida - America?
Cortez - ColoradoWhere is Cortez - Colorado - America?
Cortez - CaliforniaWhere is Cortez - California - America?

Cities named Cortez in Bolivia.
Cortéz - Santa CruzWhere is Cortéz - Santa Cruz - Bolivia?
Cortez - El BeniWhere is Cortez - El Beni - Bolivia?

Cities named Cortez in Philippines.
Cortez - AklanWhere is Cortez - Aklan - Philippines?

Cities named Cortez in Honduras.
Cortez - CortesWhere is Cortez - Cortes - Honduras?

Cities named Cortez in Brazil.
Cortez - PernambucoWhere is Cortez - Pernambuco - Brazil?

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