How many places are named Condé?


There are 27 places in the world named Condé!

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There are 27 places called Condé in the world.

Number of places named Condé per country:

There are 8 places named Condé in France.

There are 5 places named Condé in Angola.

There are 4 places named Condé in Brazil.

There are 2 places named Condé in America.

There is one place named Condé in Uruguay.

There is one place named Condé in Réunion.

There is one place named Condé in Portugal.

There is one place named Condé in Philippines.

There is one place named Condé in Peru.

There is one place named Condé in Mexico.

There is one place named Condé in Madagascar.

There is one place named Condé in Haiti.

Cities named Condé in France.
Conde - PicardieWhere is Conde - Picardie - France?
Condé - Nord-Pas-de-CalaisWhere is Condé - Nord-Pas-de-Calais - France?
Condé - LorraineWhere is Condé - Lorraine - France?
Condé - Ile-de-FranceWhere is Condé - Ile-de-France - France?
Condé - Haute-NormandieWhere is Condé - Haute-Normandie - France?
Condé - Champagne-ArdenneWhere is Condé - Champagne-Ardenne - France?
Condé - CentreWhere is Condé - Centre - France?
Condé - Basse-NormandieWhere is Condé - Basse-Normandie - France?

Cities named Condé in Angola.
Conde - ZaireWhere is Conde - Zaire - Angola?
Conde - MoxicoWhere is Conde - Moxico - Angola?
Conde - Cuanza SulWhere is Conde - Cuanza Sul - Angola?
Conde - CabindaWhere is Conde - Cabinda - Angola?
Conde - BenguelaWhere is Conde - Benguela - Angola?

Cities named Condé in Brazil.
Condé - Rio Grande do SulWhere is Condé - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil?
Conde - ParaibaWhere is Conde - Paraiba - Brazil?
Conde - ParaWhere is Conde - Para - Brazil?
Conde - BahiaWhere is Conde - Bahia - Brazil?

Cities named Condé in America.
Conde - VirginiaWhere is Conde - Virginia - America?
Conde - South DakotaWhere is Conde - South Dakota - America?

Cities named Condé in Uruguay.
Conde - Rio NegroWhere is Conde - Rio Negro - Uruguay?

Cities named Condé in Réunion.
Condé - REWhere is Condé - RE - Réunion?

Cities named Condé in Portugal.
Conde - BragaWhere is Conde - Braga - Portugal?

Cities named Condé in Philippines.
Conde - Batangas CityWhere is Conde - Batangas City - Philippines?

Cities named Condé in Peru.
Conde - MoqueguaWhere is Conde - Moquegua - Peru?

Cities named Condé in Mexico.
Conde - ZacatecasWhere is Conde - Zacatecas - Mexico?

Cities named Condé in Madagascar.
Condé - AntananarivoWhere is Condé - Antananarivo - Madagascar?

Cities named Condé in Haiti.
Condé - SudWhere is Condé - Sud - Haiti?

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