How many places are named Chino?


There are 11 places in the world named Chino!

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There are 11 places called Chino in the world.

Number of places named Chino per country:

There are 4 places named Chino in Mexico.

There are 2 places named Chino in Afghanistan.

There is one place named Chino in America.

There is one place named Chino in Pakistan.

There is one place named Chino in Japan.

There is one place named Chino in Cuba.

There is one place named Chino in China.

Cities named Chino in Mexico.
Chino - SonoraWhere is Chino - Sonora - Mexico?
Chino - SinaloaWhere is Chino - Sinaloa - Mexico?
Chino - San Luis PotosiWhere is Chino - San Luis Potosi - Mexico?
Chino - ChihuahuaWhere is Chino - Chihuahua - Mexico?

Cities named Chino in Afghanistan.
Chino - VardakWhere is Chino - Vardak - Afghanistan?
Chino - NangarharWhere is Chino - Nangarhar - Afghanistan?

Cities named Chino in America.
Chino - CaliforniaWhere is Chino - California - America?

Cities named Chino in Pakistan.
Chino - Northern AreasWhere is Chino - Northern Areas - Pakistan?

Cities named Chino in Japan.
Chino - NaganoWhere is Chino - Nagano - Japan?

Cities named Chino in Cuba.
Chino - MatanzasWhere is Chino - Matanzas - Cuba?

Cities named Chino in China.
Chino - GuangdongWhere is Chino - Guangdong - China?

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