How many places are named Charlotte?


There are 16 places in the world named Charlotte!

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There are 16 places called Charlotte in the world.

Number of places named Charlotte per country:

There are 11 places named Charlotte in America.

There are 2 places named Charlotte in Haiti.

There is one place named Charlotte in Sierra Leone.

There is one place named Charlotte in Saint Lucia.

There is one place named Charlotte in Colombia.

Cities named Charlotte in America.
Charlotte - VermontWhere is Charlotte - Vermont - America?
Charlotte - TexasWhere is Charlotte - Texas - America?
Charlotte - TennesseeWhere is Charlotte - Tennessee - America?
Charlotte - North CarolinaWhere is Charlotte - North Carolina - America?
Charlotte - New YorkWhere is Charlotte - New York - America?
Charlotte - MichiganWhere is Charlotte - Michigan - America?
Charlotte - MaineWhere is Charlotte - Maine - America?
Charlotte - LouisianaWhere is Charlotte - Louisiana - America?
Charlotte - IowaWhere is Charlotte - Iowa - America?
Charlotte - IllinoisWhere is Charlotte - Illinois - America?
Charlotte - ArkansasWhere is Charlotte - Arkansas - America?

Cities named Charlotte in Haiti.
Charlotte - SudWhere is Charlotte - Sud - Haiti?
Charlotte - ArtiboniteWhere is Charlotte - Artibonite - Haiti?

Cities named Charlotte in Sierra Leone.
Charlotte - Western AreaWhere is Charlotte - Western Area - Sierra Leone?

Cities named Charlotte in Saint Lucia.
Charlotte - CastriesWhere is Charlotte - Castries - Saint Lucia?

Cities named Charlotte in Colombia.
charlotte - Distrito EspecialWhere is charlotte - Distrito Especial - Colombia?

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