How many places are named Chalé?


There are 17 places in the world named Chalé!

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There are 17 places called Chalé in the world.

Number of places named Chalé per country:

There are 4 places named Chalé in Iran.

There are 4 places named Chalé in Afghanistan.

There are 3 places named Chalé in Pakistan.

There are 2 places named Chalé in India.

There is one place named Chalé in Uzbekistan.

There is one place named Chalé in Tajikistan.

There is one place named Chalé in Russian Federation.

There is one place named Chalé in Bulgaria.

Cities named Chalé in Iran.
Chal - ZanjanWhere is Chal - Zanjan - Iran?
Chal - QazvinWhere is Chal - Qazvin - Iran?
Chal - MarkaziWhere is Chal - Markazi - Iran?
Chal - LorestanWhere is Chal - Lorestan - Iran?

Cities named Chalé in Afghanistan.
Chal - VardakWhere is Chal - Vardak - Afghanistan?
Chal - TakharWhere is Chal - Takhar - Afghanistan?
Chal - GhowrWhere is Chal - Ghowr - Afghanistan?
Chal - GhazniWhere is Chal - Ghazni - Afghanistan?

Cities named Chalé in Pakistan.
Chal - PunjabWhere is Chal - Punjab - Pakistan?
Chal - North-West FrontierWhere is Chal - North-West Frontier - Pakistan?
Chal - BalochistanWhere is Chal - Balochistan - Pakistan?

Cities named Chalé in India.
Chal - Jammu and KashmirWhere is Chal - Jammu and Kashmir - India?
Chal - ChhattisgarhWhere is Chal - Chhattisgarh - India?

Cities named Chalé in Uzbekistan.
Chal - UZWhere is Chal - UZ - Uzbekistan?

Cities named Chalé in Tajikistan.
Chal - KhatlonWhere is Chal - Khatlon - Tajikistan?

Cities named Chalé in Russian Federation.
Chal - SmolenskWhere is Chal - Smolensk - Russian Federation?

Cities named Chalé in Bulgaria.
Chal - KhaskovoWhere is Chal - Khaskovo - Bulgaria?

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