How many places are named Bouchereau?


There are 4 places in the world named Bouchereau!

Bouchereau can be found in 2 countries throughout the world.

In some countries the place can be found more than once. For example Haiti.
Haiti has the highest number of places called Bouchereau, spread accross 3 regions.

The majority of the cities named Bouchereau can be found above the equator.
The northern most place is in the region Ile-de-France in France. The southern most place is in the region Sud-Est in Haiti.

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There are 4 places called Bouchereau in the world.

Number of places named Bouchereau per country:

There are 3 places named Bouchereau in Haiti.

There is one place named Bouchereau in France.

Cities named Bouchereau in Haiti.
Bouchereau - Sud-EstWhere is Bouchereau - Sud-Est - Haiti?
Bouchereau - Nord-OuestWhere is Bouchereau - Nord-Ouest - Haiti?
Bouchereau - ArtiboniteWhere is Bouchereau - Artibonite - Haiti?

Cities named Bouchereau in France.
Bouchereau - Ile-de-FranceWhere is Bouchereau - Ile-de-France - France?

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