How many places are named Berne?


There are 16 places in the world named Berne!

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There are 16 places called Berne in the world.

Number of places named Berne per country:

There are 8 places named Berne in America.

There are 2 places named Berne in Turkey.

There are 2 places named Berne in Syria.

There is one place named Berne in Chad.

There is one place named Berne in France.

There is one place named Berne in Germany.

There is one place named Berne in Switzerland.

Cities named Berne in America.
Berne - WashingtonWhere is Berne - Washington - America?
Berne - South DakotaWhere is Berne - South Dakota - America?
Berne - PennsylvaniaWhere is Berne - Pennsylvania - America?
Berne - New YorkWhere is Berne - New York - America?
Berne - MinnesotaWhere is Berne - Minnesota - America?
Berne - MichiganWhere is Berne - Michigan - America?
Berne - IowaWhere is Berne - Iowa - America?
Berne - IndianaWhere is Berne - Indiana - America?

Cities named Berne in Turkey.
Berne - KarsWhere is Berne - Kars - Turkey?
Berne - BayburtWhere is Berne - Bayburt - Turkey?

Cities named Berne in Syria.
Berné - HalabWhere is Berné - Halab - Syria?
Berné - Al LadhiqiyahWhere is Berné - Al Ladhiqiyah - Syria?

Cities named Berne in Chad.
Bérné - BathaWhere is Bérné - Batha - Chad?

Cities named Berne in France.
Berné - BretagneWhere is Berné - Bretagne - France?

Cities named Berne in Germany.
Berne - HamburgWhere is Berne - Hamburg - Germany?

Cities named Berne in Switzerland.
Berne - BernWhere is Berne - Bern - Switzerland?

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