How many places are named Alta?


There are 19 places in the world named Alta!

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There are 19 places called Alta in the world.

Number of places named Alta per country:

There are 11 places named Alta in America.

There are 2 places named Alta in Spain.

There is one place named Alta in Norway.

There is one place named Alta in India.

There is one place named Alta in Eritrea.

There is one place named Alta in Czech Republic.

There is one place named Alta in Colombia.

There is one place named Alta in Brazil.

Cities named Alta in America.
Alta - WyomingWhere is Alta - Wyoming - America?
Alta - West VirginiaWhere is Alta - West Virginia - America?
Alta - UtahWhere is Alta - Utah - America?
Alta - OhioWhere is Alta - Ohio - America?
Alta - MontanaWhere is Alta - Montana - America?
Alta - IowaWhere is Alta - Iowa - America?
Alta - IndianaWhere is Alta - Indiana - America?
Alta - IllinoisWhere is Alta - Illinois - America?
Alta - ColoradoWhere is Alta - Colorado - America?
Alta - CaliforniaWhere is Alta - California - America?
Alta - AlabamaWhere is Alta - Alabama - America?

Cities named Alta in Spain.
Alta - GaliciaWhere is Alta - Galicia - Spain?
Alta - CanariasWhere is Alta - Canarias - Spain?

Cities named Alta in Norway.
Alta - FinnmarkWhere is Alta - Finnmark - Norway?

Cities named Alta in India.
Alta - MaharashtraWhere is Alta - Maharashtra - India?

Cities named Alta in Eritrea.
Alta - ERWhere is Alta - ER - Eritrea?

Cities named Alta in Czech Republic.
Alta - Stredocesky krajWhere is Alta - Stredocesky kraj - Czech Republic?

Cities named Alta in Colombia.
Alta - NarinoWhere is Alta - Narino - Colombia?

Cities named Alta in Brazil.
Alta - CearaWhere is Alta - Ceara - Brazil?

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